Adding a price conversion button to all product prices. This adds a button that will pass the product price to a small popup page that uses the Textor price converter ( ). CHANGE LOG 04-07-06 V1.02 Bugfix. Fixed commas in large numbers. (pricepopup.html changed). 14-01-05 V1.01 Added cookie code so that selected currency is remembered. 13-01-05 V1.00 Initial release. INSTALLATION Edit Act_Primary.html (back it up first) and look for the line add the following Edit Act_ProductPrice.html (back it up first) and replace the initial
Make a file called pricepopup.html (in Site1) from the following Price Converter

In Actinic go to Advanced / Additional Files and add the file (in Site1) pricepopup.html That's it. NOTES Set the default foreign currency in pricepopup.html. Relevant lines are:- var curr = ''; See for info on the last 2. UNISTALLATION Restore Act_Primary.html and Act_ProductPrice.html Remove pricepopup.html from Advanced / Additional Files